Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry treats teeth damaged due to decay, injury, or disease. The treatment may involve properly cleaning and restoring the tooth’s surface and structure. It may also include the replacement of missing teeth with bridges, crowns, dentures, or dental implants. At Lifetime Smile, restorative dentistry aims to reestablish full oral function by using long-lasting, natural-looking solutions. In the event of tooth loss, your dentist will help restore your smile and improve your appearance by offering several tooth replacement options to meet your needs and goals.


Common Restorative Dental Procedures

Fillings are used to repair cavities after they have been cleaned out. They utilize composite resin, which comes in various colors to match the rest of your teeth. Once placed, the filling will be polished to blend in thoroughly with the rest of your tooth structure.

Crowns are caps that are placed on a tooth to restore its function as well as strength. With a dental crown in place, you can chew and speak without pain or discomfort. Dental crowns are made from porcelain, so they are customized to match the shape and color of your existing teeth. A temporary crown will be placed on the tooth while the permanent one is made in a dental lab. Once the permanent crown is ready, the temporary one will be removed, and the new one will bond to the tooth.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. They are made from ceramic and can be matched to the color of the surrounding teeth for a seamless appearance. The bridge is held in place by anchoring the crowns of adjacent teeth that act as abutments. This treatment is most often used to fill in the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

The Benefits Of Restorative Dentistry

Prevent Cavities

Your dentist can clean and treat your teeth and gums to stop the growth of decay and prevent gum disease. By visiting your dentist regularly for checkups, cleanings, and other preventive procedures, you can help to keep your smile healthy and strong for many years.

Repair Broken Teeth and Dental Restorations

Many dental restorations benefit from regular visits to the dentist as well. For example, suppose you receive a dental crown, filling, or another restoration. In that case, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist regularly so that they can monitor the health of your teeth and ensure that your dental restorations are working correctly. These visits can help to prevent the development of problems in the future.

Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

It can help prevent tooth loss, repair broken teeth, improve the appearance of your smile, and maintain the health of your gums and teeth. 

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